Feedback on 11/20/12 issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies”


27 Responses to “Feedback on 11/20/12 issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies””

  1. Walt Page Says:

    I love this! Thank you Glenn!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Bud.

  2. Brad Richardson Says:

    AMEN, Brother!

    Happy T-Giving!!

  3. Joe Manetta Says:

    Good story and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  4. Todd Says:

    Tell Bud we’re praying for him.

  5. john knuth Says:

    Talk about a worthwhile reminder – AND a great story for the holidays……we all struggle sooner or later…..equip yourself now !

    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting – OMAHA, NE

  6. John Knuth Says:

    JUST be GRATEFUL and express it to a VET !

  7. Cyrus Sloane Says:

    Awesome story, and very inspiring to be grateful for what we have, and who we have around us. Enjoy your party, family, and time off. Keep being YOU 😉

  8. Tisha Alfson Says:

    Well said. Thank you.

  9. Cathy Hutton Says:

    You are definitely lucky to have Bud as your best friend. Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Anna Major Says:

    Your message this week (as always) is very timely … and what an inspiration Bud is to all of us!!! Thank you for sharing this story with us, Glenn! Please thank Bud for his service to our country for me and may all who come to visit at Case de Shepard this Thanksgiving be blessed with health, happiness, love & traveling mercies to and from!

    “Being grateful for what we have, no matter what we don’t have” is a lesson I am (and have been) instilling in my 12 year-old daughter. It’s hard with today’s mentality but I’m not giving up!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your staff and all of y’all’s family from a little further west of Nashville in Jackson, TN!!! 🙂

  11. Bill Triick Says:

    Glenn, I continue to enjoy and get great inspiration with your periodic messages. Keep them coming.

    I will be in Nashville this weekend for our annual holiday festivities with our Krauss family (our daughter’s in-laws) and trust you are ordering up for visitors from Ohio a good, nice, and comfortable weather pattern that is better than Buckeyes usually get for this time of year. You live in a great city. Enjoy.

    Thanks, Bill Triick

  12. Maricela Yanez Says:

    Thanks for sharing this and putting things into perspective for some of us who are never happy no matter what we have and who take for granted the people in our lives.

    Maricela Yanez

  13. Luanne Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Tell Glenn my husband of two years is also a 20-year Marine veteran and his name……Bud. You can imagine my surprise (or not) when I read your headline!!

    Luanne Triolo Newman
    Executive Director
    Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce
    Carol Stream IL

  14. Maria Coleman Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s.
    Your message each week always hits the spot.

  15. Connie Blanton Says:

    What an awe inspiring story and the perfect end to my day and start to my Thanksgiving! I am “thankful” I received this, which I can share with my children. And, hopefully they will be able to appreciate it since they will be dining with their 88 year old grandfather, who needs very little to be happy!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Owensboro, Ky, from someone who grew up just south of Nashville, TN!

    Connie Blanton

  16. Julie A. Vulk Says:

    Once again, your message strikes direct into my heart. My own father served in WWII, but was a driver for General Eisenhower so missed alot fo the “hot” action. What he instilled in my other 8 brothers and sisters was to be thankful for what we had. We had very little, but never knew it because we enjoyed each other so much and learned to appreciate what little we had. Each day is a gift, especially when we can get out of bed by ourselves!! Thanks for the uplifting note!! And a very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family and to Bud.

  17. Judi Brown Says:

    Thanks Glenn, for the reminder!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  18. Mike Blosser Says:

    Excellent article! May you have a happy Thanksgiving.

    PS- Please give Bud my thanks for his sacrifice and his service to our country. I truly appreciate those that served for all of us!!!!

  19. David Humes Says:

    Excellent article Glenn! That IS the shortcut to happiness: “The practice of appreciating your blessings and feeling grateful throughout each day.” Or simply, “Wanting what you HAVE (not what you DON’T have).”

  20. Susan Pack Reents Says:

    Awesome story to keep us all focused on what really matters. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and Bud!

  21. James Bond Sr. Says:

    Thanks to you Bud and the thousands of other Buds around the country that can say proudly that they are a Veteran…so from one Bud to another….thankl you and have a extra Happy Thanksgiving..

  22. Sharon Says:

    Thanks for sharing and putting into perspective this awesome meaning of Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  23. Mark Williams Says:

    Glen, I just want to thank you for the great articles. I enjoy them very much. God bless you, your family and Bud Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  24. Terry McCann Says:

    When we sit down at the Thanksgiving Table and give thanks for the many blessings we have been given, we then lift our glasses in a toast to ‘Absent Friends’, the many friends and family that have already passed on.
    Have a great Thanksgiving Glen and tell Bud to keep on truckin!

  25. Rosemary Says:

    OK, I’m sitting at my desk crying. I come to work early to get a jump start on my day and no way did I think I’d be balling my eyes out. Thanks Glenn! Tell Bud the Stud he rocks!

  26. Keith G Says:

    Great article Glen – happiness is fundamentall a choice not a result of material wealth – some of the happiest people I know have so little…. .and vice versa 😦

  27. Ronald Handfield Says:

    Thank you for your timely comments. Regards and thanks to Bud and others who fought for what they believed in, so we could enjoy what we have today.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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