Feedback on 1/7/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


12 Responses to “Feedback on 1/7/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Sandy Says:

    I have been reading your newsletter for 2 years now. They inspire me. I lost my job as an Operations Manager for a big box retail store in June of 2013. I haven’t been sitting on my laurels feeling sorry for myself…I have been busy doing things I have always wanted to do…like writing, wood burning, crafting and most important, visiting my grandchildren which I rarely got to do when I was working. Even though I am broke and may loose my house, I still push on selling my crafts and writing for some on-line DIY sites…It’s a little income, but I keep your quotes in mind and know that there is something better out there for me, just can’t quit trying!

  2. john knuth Says:

    Glenn, your diversity of writing topics always interests me. I do thank you for making so much out of your experiences – and I do not think I would do all of what is on your bucket list, but I turn 60 this year , and it kills me to put this in writing, but I will put my list together and get my beautiful bride to go along with it, I hope………………….

    John Knuth
    Omaha, NE

  3. Lisa Langer Says:

    Hi Glenn! I’m so happy for you to have accomplished many of your “to do’s!” What a wonderful feeling to achieve that which we value most… or at least really want to see/do! I appreciate your newsletter and always read it. This one was FUN and full of great motivating content. Thanks and Happy 2014!

    Lisa Langer
    Glenwood Springs, CO

  4. Mark Riddle Says:

    What’s your take on Munchak refusing to fire his assistants in order to keep his job?

  5. Stephanie Patka Says:

    Thank you.

    2,014 times Thank YOU! 2013 was a year that I am grateful to leave behind and feel hopeful and optimistic about the goals (s.m.a.r.t.) that I have set for myself in 2014. In the midst of the Polar Vortex in northern Indiana, and being shut inside my house for 3 days, this article was exactly what I needed for that jolt of “get moving 2014! Don’t let SNOW weigh you down- there are plenty of other things that will try- don’t let snow do it too.”

    So thank you—God Bless you in your work!


  6. David Mullins Says:

    Excellent article!

  7. Tommy Jennings Says:

    Glenn, some things you can control. Some things (Tennessee Titans Super Bowl victory) you can’t. I’d like to see UGA win it all next year. My son (and you, I expect) would like to see Georgia Tech do it.

    I enjoy your weekly newsletter, and have since you joined us at Institute for our class dinner at Hilltop Grille in Athens, GA. Keep up the good work.

    My best,

    Tommy Jennings
    Barrow County Chamber of Commerce
    Winder, GA

  8. Judy Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your yorkie.

  9. Terry Says:

    Lost my little mini Schnauzer Dexter in 2013 after almost 15 years together, so I can’t complain, just miss the little guy so much. Sorry you also lost your Yorkie, but did the right thing and adopted your Westie. Enjoyed this newsletter very much – you’re an inspiration – keep it going and thank you and all the best to you and your lovely Bride for 2014!

  10. Janelle Swartz Says:

    Thank you for caring about others and spending time at St. Judes. I have NO connection to St. Judes and I’m thankful that I don’t. However, my 2 year old son was born with a heart defect, spent the first 6 months fighting for his life(2 open heart surgeries) and I know how much you are helping the children and the families at St. Judes. The smallest act of kindness when your child is fighting for his life, is one of the greatest gifts. Only parents that are in that position will ever understand how much that one kind act helps. We spent our time at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,THANK YOU for caring about others whom you don’t even know!

    God Bless!

    York PA

  11. Sheryl Z. Smedley Says:

    Glenn is amazing! He is definitely not a Sissy. I look forward to opening his weekly newsletter as they are always encouraging not discouraging.

    Happy New Year,

    Sheryl Z. Smedley
    Executive Director
    Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce

  12. Rich Jones Says:

    Hey Glenn,
    I’m new to your newsletter, but I sure do enjoy it. We lived in Amarillo for 36 years, so I’m glad you made it out to the Cadillac Ranch. During all those years there, I rarely drove out by the Ranch without seeing someone (usually many someones) there, any/every day of the year.
    What’s weird is that, to my knowledge, there is not a sign or marker anywhere along I-40 to tell folks it’s there….they just magically seem to know. Don’t know this for a fact, but I suspect it’s the most-visited site in or around Amarillo.
    Keep up the great work. I think of your wisdom just about every day when I look at “Glenn’s Rules of Work” neatly hidden behind my office door. I’ve shown it to all of our staff and interns….good stuff!!

    R. Jones
    Adminstrative Pastor
    Hillside Christian Church / Lubbock Campus

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