Feedback on 2/4/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


6 Responses to “Feedback on 2/4/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Dean Hamer Says:

    “Because I expect others to keep their promises to me, I will keep promises I make to me.” What a great message! I have it posted above my calendar. Thanks!

  2. Tisha Alfson Says:

    Thank you for that message today. “Normal in America is broke.” That statement carries a lot of weight and makes it very hard to manage employees, do business, parent children, and in general to navigate through any relationship or deal, business or otherwise. It used to be that there was a certain level of trust that if the job was done, it was done “right,” if a parent says “no,” that means “no,” if a time is stated it’s “on-time.” Accepting that “normal is broke” and then planning countermeasures in anticipation for it, is really the only way to keep sanity and integrity fairly intact. I find myself pulling the boundaries in closer and closer, saying “no” more often, and being more discerning with people and choices, in an attempt to create an environment that has more “great” than “broke.” It’s a jungle out there!

  3. A.Starr Says:

    I have to comment on your reader stating that it was condescending of you to write John Quincy Adams was one of our American Presidents. I don’t agree with him, but with you. You simply framed the quote by introducing its author. This is good for those of us who are long from being a student, for those of us who were born in another country, and for those of us who are just too old to remember history or just didn’t like it.

    There is a book called the Four Agreements; avoiding assumptions is one of the four.

    And to your reader… one more comment from this communications enthusiast, purely 50% of what is stated in not received the way the person speaking intended it. Can you imagine just how much is lost to understanding when one writes?

    Good job Glen. Keep up the outstanding performance in these articles.

  4. Vince Says:


    I always look forward to your “Sissies” Newsletter and at first I must confess that I didn’t. But every time I take the time to invest in myself a little bit, I “click” on your email and 99% of the time, I read every character printed! Thanks for your insights and honesty. I also appreciate your faith and find that my faith is becoming more and more important to me, my coworkers and my family each and every day. When you talk about setting an example, it is truly the only way. In the end, we can only control ourselves. Its up to us what we do with that control. Thanks for helping us be real.

  5. Lorraine Slopek Says:

    This is the best yet, and I read every one. Commitment is missing in every aspect of our lives. Nobody seems to know what it really means; thanks for defining it – a wake-up call. Profound advice. Your reply to Amber is also very pertinent – OK, off the top of my head, I got Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, and Mississippi, but for the life of me I cannot remember the other two without cheating and looking at a map. But … I’m Canadian, eh?
    Thanks, Glen, for keeping me sane (not so much normal).

  6. Lorraine Slopek Says:

    Hello, again from Canada. My boss got Maine and Minnisota – mercifully, or I’d be thinking about it all day. Maine is our close neighbour so I am ashamed not to have got it. We also know who Adams was, although probably not enough. A big reason that most people lie is because they are afraid of looking stupid. I blame computers! Computers were supposed to imitate human behaviour but now people feel compelled to imitate computer behaviour, which is impossible. Some people give up because their best is never good enough. Speed, Quantity, and Keeping Up Appearances is more highly valued than Integrity, or getting the job done properly. The evidence is everywhere. We have to return to liking and trusting ourselves more than we “like and trust” our computers, then any task will be do-able, and we’ll have time to listen to our kids, and automatically be a good example once more.

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