Feedback on 2/18/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


13 Responses to “Feedback on 2/18/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Judy Says:

    Well said. I don’t watch family based sitcoms anymore. In fact, there isn’t much TV worth watching.

  2. Linda Beals Says:

    I agree completely. Don’t forget that series, “Rugrats.” That was awful, too. My daughter was not allowed to watch it. I am grateful that she didn’t.

  3. Andrew Says:

    “Oh a storm is threat’ning…My very life today!”
    Let me start by prefacing this comment by stating that I am a fan and find your newsletter to be very insightful, and oh yes the Rolling Stones too. I attended your seminar in Huron, SD, and regularly correspond with Erica at our chamber about the many messages you delivered. I write you because I feel as though I have knowledge and experience pertaining to the millennial generation and would like to share a thought. Not only am I part of Generation Y, I have dedicated my thesis for graduate school on concentrating how to engage the millennial generation. Part of the challenge we face is overcoming the stereotype that we are self-absorbed, rebellious, and disrespectful narcissist. That can certainly pertain to some of us, but let’s not provide a sweeping generalization about the now largest population demographic in society. Unfortunately, your post didn’t allude to some of the positives like the fact that Millennials are the most committed population group to volunteerism. We have a lot of passions, abilities, and desires to make a difference in the world and I would love to see your piece next week committed to explaining how boomers can connect to millennials. Don’t forget that even though we have had a tremendous influence of negative examples in TV, most of us were raised by boomers and they should have turned off the TV and spent more time giving us the lessons and direction we needed. We need people like you to be a champion for bridging the gap instead of concentrating about a single negative facet. I would be honored to discuss this with you in greater detail.



    • Rod Says:

      Andrew, Need to wake up. You are not an adult and get treated poorly by your generation. Yes you may be outstanding but you are showing the proof of the facts by your remarks. Denial in the fact that your generation is Lazy and disrespectful. You may not be but your peers certainly are. If you are blind to the surrounding and the general consensus of most the population you should rethink your argument. Blaming others for Disrespectful behavior is a commonality for your generation. Take responsibility not blame.

      • Kim Says:

        Andrew – What Rod said. One of your final statements says it all, “…most of us were raised by boomers and they should have turned off the TV and spent more time giving us the lessons and direction we needed.” Stop blaming others for what they did or did not do. Ultimately it is up to you and you alone as to what kind of person you want to be.

  4. Gregg Blain Says:

    I nixed my family’s viewing of “Modern Family” a couple of months ago for exactly that reason. The show is hilarious, but the underlying messages seem to be absorbed also, and I have found there to be a significantly more respectful atmosphere since. (I also don’t agree with the portrayal of the gay couple as being normal).

  5. Loree Allen Says:

    Thanks – I never thought of it that way! I grew up with Atticus Finch – (Gregory Peck) in To Kill A Mockingbird. Boy do I feel old.

  6. Rod Says:

    Glenn, Well said and don’t forget “Beavis and the other punk”. I did not allow our children to watch these. This generation finds humor where it should not, find comedy in the hurt of others. Yes, Programming. They don’t see the harm yet. However, when they have children and they impose good behavior on them they will do as we did as children. Reflect, was it right??? And maybe with the few decide to raise their children differently than their parents raised them. But they will stay in denial and be disrespectful to others because that is what they were taught.

  7. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for sharing! As one of the last of the Baby Boomers, I am mostly saddened because these young people will never know nor understand the childhood I had. Respect not only of elders, teachers and adults in general, but more importantly respect of self. The only way to change is by doing what I try to do with my college age son, “teach the children well”. Keep reminding us of things we need to remember Glenn. We are better people because of this and so many of your reminders! Thank you!

  8. Al Says:

    Hey Glenn, I really have enjoyed your perspectives, and your work ethic! In regards to this issue, I was watching The tube tonight and saw a commercial for “Halo” brand clementines (sp) , where the father asks his son if it is OK to have one…The son proceeds to give dad a lecture about forcing him to sleep in a racecar bed with superhero jammies on…so dad and mama end up in the boys bed and it falls apart during the night…once again a failed message for a child to respect their elders!

  9. Gary Says:

    Love the PS at the end!

  10. Nancy Says:

    This week’s newsletter explains why as a boomer aged employer, I am constantly standing around in wonderment with my jaw hitting the floor.
    I thought of this article last evening as I watched the widely viewed Olympic programming. Several times I was subjected to a Chevy Tahoe commercial depicting a babysitter/teenager who attempts extortion from a parent, because she was driven home in a “luxurious” Chevy Tahoe. The evil expression on the young girl’s face is scary as Chevy promotes greed and disrespect. Worst of all, does anyone under 50 see anything wrong here?
    Thank you for your newsletters.

    • Judy Says:

      Nancy: I feel the same way about that commercial. I would like to see the woman tell the kid “It’s $40 or nothing.”

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