Feedback on 4/1/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


8 Responses to “Feedback on 4/1/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Tammy Says:

    Great article, as usual. My husband retired from a government job 3 years ago, where he was the district manager. He has since started a consulting business and has done very well. However, he did exactly what you suggested, he made new contacts and maintained those established contacts that mattered before he left his job.

  2. John Lopez Says:

    Excellent article. Best powerful connection at any age, the connection with God.

  3. Cathy P Says:

    My boyfriend is 68 years old and still working. He talks about retiring “some day” and fishing, but I truly think he is almost afraid of having to fish all day long every day. I’ve seen my Dad retire with no hobbies and don’t like his quality of life sitting in the house most days. I am in my late fifties and do wonder what I will do with myself after formal retirement. Great article and the subject matter does concern me fairly regularly. Thanks!

  4. Anthony Whitley Says:

    Based on your post script, you knew us “40-somethings” would read this article. If for nothing else but to learn something from someone more seasoned and experienced. I try to do that with not only Baby Boomers, but also from folks from the Greatest Generation. We still need to look up to our elders!! We could learn something.

  5. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    I just turned 50 on March 25th this year. Started my own business 5 years ago when someone told me “I was 45, have 20 year of experience and if I start a business have 20 years to make it work”. Best decision of my life starting a small Engineering Business. Set it up the way a wanted. All employees ( 3 of them) on contract basis, work out of the house, work (4) 10 hour days a week, provide over the top customer service. Fortunate enough to figure out Glenn’s theory 5 years ago and boy did it work. I have 98% repeat customers, I don’t have to bid stuff, it is just handed to me. I treat all the customers fairly on invoicing and give them more than they think they deserve. Listen to Glenn’s advice if you want to start your own business. If you want it to succeed, before you start your business, do the research, find a need and figure out a way to fill it. Once you have you model then while you still have your position of power and a steady paycheck, use that to get to know the decision makers that can help make you successful. Once you have that relationship in place and are financially ready, make the leap.

  6. JMR Says:

    Great article as usual, Glenn! This reminds me of General Patton’s quote: “All glory is fleeting.”

  7. Terry Says:

    Great Article Glenn, especially the piece about ‘bereavement’ after leaving a position of power in business. Very true! It happened to me too! But jumped back on the bandwagon and started a small business of my own. Sort of ‘jumping back on the horse’ type of thing. Keep up the newsletter!

  8. Denise Says:

    Great article and advice for all ages, Glenn. I always read your column and learn. I have always known I would need something meaningful to do after retirement, so last year I became Certified in Reflexology and am slowly building a client base. In a few years, I will retire and will continue to minister and touch lives in a healing way and supplement our income as well.

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