Feedback on 5/6/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


10 Responses to “Feedback on 5/6/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Sandra Parker Says:

    What should you do if normally when an employee gives a 2 week notice the company immediately let’s the employee go but does not pay them for the 2 weeks.

    Another employee now wants to give the courtesy of a 2 week notice but is afraid because he knows they will immediatley terminate him and he can’t afford to go 2 weeks without pay.

    • Eleni Says:

      Sandra or worse they do the worker so wrong as to go as far as not allow unemployment benefits just out of sheer mean spirited conduct on the company’s part. So many companies do that where they punish the employee by making it hard for them to get Unemployment and bad mouth the employee when they look for a job. My supervisor told me “who is going to find out what the supervisor says when you put them as a contact”? I know companies can’t but who’s to say and if you put your sup as a reference be mindful they could be sabotaging your chances of getting another job…These companies do so much dirty to staff it’s company bullying, even though the employee did the right thing..go figure you just can’t win -and especially at these “right to work” states…people need to understand “RIGHT TO WORK” means the workers have NO rights they can terminate without cause or explanation…so don’t ever vote for your state to become a right to work state…you are doomed ..I know I work for such and its bad-they can fire you without cause even after 20 yrs of loyalty to them..just so they can bring in someone at a lower pay (even with a degree). It’s funny how the companies want “courtesy” but they don’t practice it..

  2. Jean Schilling Says:

    Exactly. My bookkeeper retired by text message and would not take my calls. All is good and it saved me money on the retirement gift!!!!!!

  3. Carol Rushing Says:

    Also, you never know. You may need that particular job back one day.

  4. Tammy Stead Says:

    Dear Glenn,

    I have a quick question on today’s WINFS email. I understand the need to give two weeks notice so as not to burn any bridges you may want to walk over later. But, does the same apply to an exit interview? Do you sugar coat how you truly feel because you do not want to burn the proverbial bridge or are you honest in hopes that positive changes can be made in the organization?

    Tammy S. in Saginaw, Michigan

  5. wayne Says:

    Glenn there is a song that says that Chevy 4 X 4 says it all.
    The younger generation…have all the answers, they just don’t know the questions. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that beleives there is value in time honored resignations.
    Keep on trying to educate people and instill some ethics if that is possible.
    Thank for the effort.

  6. Angela Says:

    This feedback relates to the letter to Glen where insubordination is questioned. My understanding of insubordination is action that undermines the authority of a leader.

    For the employee to tell her manager that he/she should only be spoken to regarding a directive related to job and nothing else, though not technically insubordinate, it’s close. The result of what the employee asked for will lead to isolation and alienation in her/her work environment. Once done, this is regarded as a hostile work environment. Now the manager and company will have new problems.

    To allow what is described to take place will create a dysfunctional environment for all.. even innocent bystanders.

    It is time for the employee to find a new opportunity or it is time to correct the behavior of the Supervisor (if leading badly).

  7. BRAD 20,000 Says:

    Leaving: On the flip side, we have folks who just stop showing up. No words, no text, no nothin’. (sounds like a title for a country music song!)
    Insubordination: This works for me – “It seems you are not happy here. MacDonalds is hiring.” Turn and walk away.

    • Eleni Says:

      How is it insubordination Brad? Has anyone stopped and wondered why these people leave like that? Maybe they were afraid to speak up for some reason or something that happened and they just figured it is best…People who speak up get reprimanded, those who sit and do not say anything or don’t do anything get promoted etc…At my job all the no good, lazy, sneaky, rude, bullies etc..get promoted and the good, faithful employees get left behind to the point where they can’t take it and quit…so much unfair conduct on the managements and supervisors part… and be sure pretty soon McD’s will be paying more than what some companies pay people with degrees…People should not be arrogant to anything just because they hold a higher position of authority because karma works and they could be the ones working at a McD’s one day..

  8. Eleni Says:

    Glenn I need you to do something on workplace bullying…why is it not taken serious in companies? This is so huge in the workplace and yet employers punish the victims not the perpetrators-why? The good staff leave because of these types and they promote the bullies? There is so much of it on the rise today especially amongst women) that people are forced to leave because the situations are so much “mean girls” conduct in the office these days..I work for a government entity and it is bad..I mean they allow nepotism and when one relative is pissed they all gang up on you and not to mention their workplace friends join in and it becomes a “witch hunt”..we have lost so many from the “hostile” and “toxic” work environment. Even the boss does not listen and she is one who plays these games because she has family that works in there too! I mean its bad all around. Yes I am a victim of work place bullying but I have not taken it lying down..I speak up to HR about it -I don’t care if they sweep it under the carpet I have all things documented so that way they can’t say “oh, we didn’t know etc…just so much dirty going on at the workplace these days how can one survive without the need to just up and quit? We just keep losing great workers because the bullies win…

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