Feedback on 7/8/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


48 Responses to “Feedback on 7/8/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Cindy Cole Says:

    Great Newsletter, as always. Thanks so much!

  2. amy Says:

    My son is an Airman, my father was in the Navy, if we can’t stand behind our troops we can stand in front of them. Thank you for sharing a touching story, a story that touches many more than most realize or care to realize.

  3. Marla Fowler Says:

    The best article you have ever written. Thank you very much !!

  4. Robin Christensen Says:

    Thank you for that post. As I am getting ready to send my 19 yr. old son off to San Diego to MCRD to become a United State Marine it reaffirms my belief that we as a Nation give far too much lip service and fail these men and women. No matter how long they serve, they should receive the best services this Country has and lifetime care. There is no greater sacrifice for our freedoms, we all claim to love, but often take for granted. It truly makes me proud but terrified that my son has chosen this route. As a mother, I just have to give him to God and the USMC and pray that he comes home whole.

  5. Cyrus Sloane, Sr. Says:

    Glenn, you sir……are AWESOME.

    Thank you for choosing to be a positive voice of influence to such a sad story.

    Cyrus Sloane, Sr.

  6. Dr. Jo Ella Flinton Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I agree wholehearted with you – our troops are being neglected, marginalized, forgotten. But then, this is not new – my generation dealt with the betrayal in the Viet Nam era. Some things never change. I had hoped that our country (and those who wield the power) would learn from our past mistakes. We need to do a better job taking care of our own!

    Dr. Jo Ella Flinton

  7. Scott Says:

    This is a scandal that has been on going for quite some time. At the heart of this is, of course, money. As a nation, we keep trying to balance our budget on the backs of those whom can least afford it.

    If we are going to continue to describe ourselves as a Christian nation, we better look deep within our collective hearts and souls and come up with a better way of doing things and supporting people with true needs. Many of our returning veterans are surly a part of this group of people in dire need.

  8. Kim Dorste Says:


  9. Mandy Childress Says:

    Glenn, Your story gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I will continue to pray for our troops but also for those who have come home mentally wounded. Thank you for your work! Mandy in Decatur, IL

  10. Sandy Ross Says:

    Loved the PS. I am glad that someone that has a voice that reaches many will say something on this subject. Totally suppose what you are saying. I am a member of the American Legion Aux for over 50 years.

  11. Sandy Ross Says:

    Sorry dag spell check Support not suppose

  12. Kim Says:

    I applaud you on this issue!!

  13. Russ Ramey Says:

    As an employer, I would rather hire combat veterans whenever I get the chance. They have been forced to grow up. WE owe THEM a debt we can rarely if ever repay. As for weenies who do not like this post, we are not PC here. This is a reality no BS zone. Leave your whining weanie comments for CNN and Time Magazine. Do yourself, your stock holders, and the country a favor-hire a vet. .

  14. Michelle Rudisill Says:

    I could not agree more! I have watched several of my friends, all Veterans of various branches of service, struggle with injuries and PTSD since returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Alcoholism, crumbled marriages, and poor relationships with their children are all consequences of their call to duty. We MUST help them.

  15. Jo A. Fabrizio, Esq. Says:

    Bravo, Glenn. No one has yet to say it better
    Jo Fabrizio, Esq.
    Binghamton, New York

  16. Stacey Crawford Says:

    There is no other way that this could have been put!! Way to go!!!

  17. Greg Brock Says:

    thank you , as a USAF Vet. I thank you for being upfront and honest.. maybe even name change … Being an American Vet is not for sissies

    • Sandi Schiele Says:

      Thank you Mr. Brock for serving our Country…I hope and pray God blesses you and yours, for you sir, Deserve it and you have Earned It!!! Again, Thank you, I know these are just words from some folks, but I sir, I mean it from the bottom of my heart!!! I am humbled just to be able to write these few words to you…

  18. Jennifer Palmer Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on Veterans! I am a proud Army wife and Chamber Executive. My husband has almost 25 years in the Army and Alabama Army National Guard. I am fortunate that he has not been harmed or put in situations that emotionally scarred him. I pray for those families and soldiers who have. Thanks for standing up for them and those that love them!

  19. Emily degen Says:

    I agree 100%. Almost every year I spend the 4th with my sister-in-law and her husband who spent years over seas fighting for this country. It is painful to watch him flinch and cover his head nearly every time a firework goes off. He’s been physically back for a few years now, but it is very obvious that he will never mentally and emotionally return home.

  20. Theresa Reyes Says:

    I love your newsletter today. You made me cry and realize that we DO need to do more. I’ll be writing my letter today.
    Thank you for the eye opener.

    Thank you!

    Theresa Reyes

  21. Theresa Reyes Says:

    I just sent a very pointed e-mail to Rep. Jim Jordan Rep. Ohio. No punches pulled. I may need this post sent to the re-education camp.
    Best regards,


  22. Ltd. David Berkley Says:

    Well written article… We are in a battle here in SD to keep our VA medical center open in Hot Springs.

  23. Christine Maltese Says:

    No nastygrams here…. well stated on your July 4th commentary. I agree with everything you wrote!

  24. Cindy Hanbury Says:

    Totally agree. I work at a County Probation Department and the guys we are getting are so damaged that there is nothing we can do for them, many end up in jail for their own protection as well as society’s.

  25. Greg Says:

    As Always well said my friend. This is a mockery of one of the most heroic things people can do. They should be the first to be taken care of, not the last.

  26. Vince Says:

    My father was in the Navy in WWII and was in every invasion except Anzio. My great Uncle was in the US Army during WWII, and he died during the Battle of the Bulge. What’s ironic is that he came over from Germany with my grandfather in the early 1900’s as young teenagers and he was so patriotic and loved this country so much he fought against nazi germany and died for the cause that was so dear to him. He wasn’t born here but is more patriotic than many congressmen who think they serve. What do we have left if our troops don’t realize we have their backs when they return…. while they watch our backs every day at extreme personal sacrifice. I am embarrassed that this is still an issue today, in the 21st century.

  27. Sandi Schiele Says:

    Thank you for your article today!!! God Bless every Veteran in the United States of America!!!

  28. Mick Hackbarth Says:

    YES YES YES!!! No Nastygram here.

    Fire the incompetent, weasel-like bureaucrats who like roaches hide from the light of truth. These administration-types must be held accountable and we need to fix the problem NOW NOW NOW. NOT ANOTHER DAY SHOULD PASS WITH THIS BROKEN SYSTEM IN PLACE!!!

  29. Jenny Shealy Says:


  30. Jim Duncan Says:

    Thank you, that really hit home as a disabled Vet and the Father of three sons also receiving disability benefits.


    Jim Duncan
    Jacksonville, IL

  31. Regina Says:

    Glenn – Thank you so much for your newsletter regarding July 4th. I can certainly relate to the lady who’s son had returned from Afganistan. My daughter did a tour in Iraq and though she returned without any physical injuries my daughter never returned. She was so changed in her thoughts and daily actions that I hardly recognized her. Time has helped and though part of her will never be the same she is now working for the VA and doing all she can to help “her” (as she calls them) veterans to get the help they deserve. She cries each time one of them passes away and travels all over NC to help the VA offices do their very best to offer services to all VA’s. If only all of our VA workers had the heartfelt desire as she does to help. To give them credit though many of them have the desire but the limited funds, doctors and facilities have crushed their abilities to provide the help needed.

    Thank you for urging people to contact their Congressmen and Senators in regards to this mess they have created. They can put the blame elsewhere but they have to take ownership of the decisions they have made which helped to create this dishonor of our soldiers.

    Please keep on telling it like it is. I appreciate your honesty in the issues that affect our daily lives. Keep on keeping on.

    Regina Miller

  32. Kristina Wiltgen Says:


    I was touched by your newsletter today. I recently attended a fundraising event locally where one of the beneficiaries of the funds was the Puppy Jake Foundation.

    They provide service dogs to service members who may have endured physical harm while serving or may suffer from things we cannot see like PTSD. They provide the dogs to soldiers at no cost (because they have already given us so much.) Service dogs can cost upwards of $20,000. We had the privilege of hearing from a man that served in Iraq from 2002-2004. With the help of the service dog he was able to attend family events and take his wife shopping at the mall. His story was very touching and the foundation (and dog) may very likely have saved his life post service.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Kristina Wiltgen, IOM
    Director of Operations
    Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
    507 West Water Street
    Decorah, Iowa 52101

  33. Alexandra Says:

    Good work, Glenn. Very admirable choice of topic – and you deserve praise for standing up and speaking the truth too few of us want to acknowledge. I applaud you!

    Alex on Capitol Hill
    Washington, D.C.

  34. Peggy Woolridge Says:

    Glenn, your talent never stops to amaze me. Thank you for sharing such an incredible story. You hit the nail on the head!!!

    Peggy Woolridge
    Executive Director
    Huron Chamber of Commerce
    Huron, South Dakota

  35. Jacob Says:

    Very well said Mr. Shepard! It is such a shame how the politicians worry more about the citizens of other countries more than they do the soldiers fighting to keep the citizens that elected them to office free!

  36. Lori Warring Says:

    Thank you and God bless you for saying what needed to be said. Two of my brothers and my husband are Veterans. I’m proud of them, their road has not been easy since their return home. Even fireworks on Independence day can’t be enjoyed, because the sounds of the explosions bring back memories better left forgotten. My nephew recently returned from Afghanistan, getting through life one day at a time. I’m pretty da*n proud of him too. Nobody forced any of them to join the military to defend our freedom, they did it willingly. The least our country can do is take care of our Veterans who gave better than they got. Thanks for providing the link so we can use our voice to defend their freedom!

  37. Julie Davis Says:

    Thank you! I live in Hopkinsville KY which is 10 min down the road from Ft. Campbell, Home of the 101st Airborne Division! HooAH! Many of these men & women are my friends/”family”. They attend my church and I fall in love with them. And yes, to watch them come back changed is heart wrenching. Thank you again for sending this. Something has GOT to be done to change how their return from combat is handled. Blessings!

  38. Terry Says:

    Thank you for that Glenn!
    My two sons served in Iraq; the youngest in the Marines, the oldest in the Army. The oldest boy had panic attacks after his first tour and was to have help with a therapist, but before that happened they sent him back to Iraq. On his return he was doing his final parachute jump – the chute was defective and he fell on a rock and broke his femur which laid him up for some time. After leaving the Army he went back to College and did a Masters Degree. When he graduated he started looking for work. After one year with no success he gave in to despair and tried to shoot himself in the head with his gun. Luckily the gun went off and hit the wall and that shocked him into the realization of how it would affect his wife if she came back from work and saw him like that. He is undergoing therapy now through his wife’s insurance. The therapist requested some blood tests. When they came through it showed his testosterone was rock bottom, as was his B12, B3, etc. Also D. She told him that she treats Special Forces, First Responders, and Navy Seals and almost to a man they have the same deficiencies, which can cause depression, heart problems, etc. She said the depletion comes about because they are living so long on adrenaline? He is now undergoing treatment to correct this and is now working two jobs, although he could not get work in his field.
    I wish people could be made aware of these deficiencies so they could get treatment as I’m told about 19 returning veterans kill themselves with their own gun every week.

  39. Gary Will Says:

    Good post, I do thing we do the same highway for heroes here in the US its just more local/regional than national. We had a soldier who died from SD who was flown into Minneapolis and driven 13 hours to his burial site and the whole 500 mile route had people, flags, etc. along the way. We also had a local funeral with a large lineup as well.

  40. Linda Yeakel Says:

    So very true and as usual well said!

  41. Ruth Says:

    Awesome job! I also am a mother of a son who has returned from Iraq. You have told my story. I can not believe they continue to treat the Vets this way. We have known about the problem for years now. Lets all do something about it. Please contact your Congressman everyone! They NEED help!

  42. Nancy Petty Says:

    Great column, Glenn! Our government sent these men to war without thinking about how to pay for the war, how to properly equip them to fight, and, most irresponsibly, how to take care of injured veterans when they return. There should be no disagreement between the politicians about making veterans and their care a very high priority for our tax dollars.

  43. Katie Says:

    My husband is currently returning from a year long deployment in Afghanistan and is a 17 year Army National Guard soldier. I agree with what you said in your column. It, as well as the comments posted, is very supportive. I wish more people supported the military and the veterans. We do not give them the recognition, care, or support that they so rightly deserve.

  44. DoubleTap Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your work for years, and I truly appreciate this column.
    Thanks for Shining a little light for our Troops. They need it.

    Double Tap
    Sgt. At Arms 11-7
    Combat Vets Association

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