Feedback on 7/15/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


5 Responses to “Feedback on 7/15/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Regina Miller Says:

    Glenn – Thank you so much for your newsletter regarding July 4th. I can certainly relate to the lady who’s son had returned from Afganistan. My daughter did a tour in Iraq and though she returned without any physical injuries my daughter never returned. She was so changed in her thoughts and daily actions that I hardly recognized her. Time has helped and though part of her will never be the same she is now working for the VA and doing all she can to help “her” (as she calls them) veterans to get the help they deserve. She cries each time one of them passes away and travels all over NC to help the VA offices do their very best to offer services to all VA’s. If only all of our VA workers had the heartfelt desire as she does to help. To give them credit though many of them have the desire but the limited funds, doctors and facilities have crushed their abilities to provide the help needed.
    Thank you for urging people to contact their Congressmen and Senators in regards to this mess they have created. They can put the blame elsewhere but they have to take ownership of the decisions they have made which helped to create this dishonor of our soldiers.
    Please keep on telling it like it is. I appreciate your honesty in the issues that affect our daily lives. Keep on keeping on.
    Regina Miller

  2. Donn Ingemie Says:

    Good stuff bud, haven’t seen you in a while, I hope all is well. Keep the good 411 coming, you’re a good man!

  3. Nancy McCoy Duncan, IOM Says:

    Glenn, outstanding info today! I practically use this style already but will amp it up now! I believe in our Chamber so much I’d guarantee an ROI myself! Thank you for ALWAYS giving me great tools to use in my work! I’m better at it thanks to you! – Nancy

  4. Kim Scioli Says:

    Love the “PS” note at the bottom. As an HR manager, I’ll definitely keep this in mind during our next round of hiring to see which applicants are really willing to put themselves on the line! Thanks, Glenn!

  5. Russ Ramey Says:

    I used this close with an insurance product that was unbeatable. “If you find a better program, bring it to me and I will pay your first months premium”. They never did, as an independent agent, that program was brought to my attention. I converted my business to the “unbeatable” one. I looked out for MY clients best interests, and they were happy to pay me to do so.The Nationally ranked Rep was so impressed my clients wanted me as their agent, he recruited me to handle their program. Too bad the industry is full of closers and shysters. Honesty and integrity will win the day long term.

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