Feedback on 8/12/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


6 Responses to “Feedback on 8/12/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Judy Cryer Says:

    Thanks Glenn! You know what – she made YOU feel IMPORTANT! THAT’s what customer service is all about. Yesterday, I had to contact a new person at our bank for some help with wiring instructions. She replaced a great customer service person who had recently retired. This lady came out to greet me, shook my hand, took me directly to her office and proceeded to help me as though I was the only customer the bank had – which of course wasn’t the case. She not only promptly prepared the request, but took time to find out about me. This is the person I want in my club! I belong to a great local/international charitable organization and am always looking for membership candidates. As soon as the next program meeting, I am going to send her a special invitation and hope she decides to join my club! She would be a great asset!
    Judy Cryer

  2. Eric Thum Says:

    In MI if you decline the 2 week notice you can be forced to pay unemployment on them for the 2 weeks!

  3. Steven Van Steenhuyse Says:

    I have always had great service at Ruby Tuesday, no matter where the restaurant is located. I suspect that their corporate policy is to teach their personnel to go over and above for the customer. That kind of service makes an impression and makes you want to go back. Thanks for a great example as to how a corporation can leverage the Power of One.

  4. Beth Miller Says:

    Not only was your column excellent, but the quote was perfect. We are a veterinary clinic, so staff can really relate to the dog part. As always, THANKS for your insight!

  5. Scott Says:

    I’m a staff developer/trainer at a non profit, social service agency. During certain training sessions, I use this exact analogy to describe service and help explain the execution of “good service”.

    We are titled, “Service Provider”, and people often forget that. We don’t manufacture anything, all we have to offer is our service. Service is at the heart of every business, without good service, that business won’t be around for very long.

    It’s often said in the car industry that the sales person makes the first sale, the service department makes every sale after that.

    Without good service, you will never see those customers again. They didn’t suddenly stop doing business, they just stopped doing business with you.

    • Tori Says:

      the statement about the service department is so true. I bought a Kia Sorento from a used car dealer. But when we had an issue we were told we would have to go to the KIA service dept. Not a problem, or so I thought. Long story short, I told them as much as I loved the car, if I had to deal with a KIA service department, I would never own a KIA again.

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