Feedback on 8/26/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


5 Responses to “Feedback on 8/26/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Angela Says:

    Touching on the letter where the manager states an employee is using company time to defame the leader or the business… pull out your company’s handbook. Does it state a Standard of Conduct into which that this matter can be categorized? There is likely something there regarding “Loitering or wasting time in or on company property during working hours,” or “unauthorized use of company property.” Employees are paid to give results and impact a positive contribution. This is counter intuitive for the employee’s wellbeing and to that of your leadership. Like Glen stated counsel the employee to correct the behavior. But the truth is… if you received an internal promotion… some of the people on your team will never get on your bus.

  2. Sherein Says:

    Glenn I really needed this read today, it came at the perfect time. This past weekend my oldest went away for school during the time moving in I noticed the young adults moving about the campus and seeing the bright futures they have ahead of them made we realize I was in a rut I have been in this rut to get my children onto their next steps not thinking about myself. Today your read gave me some hope at the end I said to myself “I need new friends” then I scrolled down to read that was not the case. I will put forth the effort to get myself out of this rut! Thank you!

  3. Byram Says:

    Please pass onto Glenn that this article is an accurate assessment for a large part of our staff and that we appreciate his insightfulness.

  4. Nancy McCoy Duncan, IOM Says:

    Once again, the right read for the right time in my life – personally and professionally! THANK YOU Glenn. You give so much of yourself to us…not enough words in English language to fully express my gratitude!

  5. Dirk Smith, PHR Says:

    This is hitting my Inbox right after hearing a similar message at an HR conference. The one thing I would add to the PS is “Why not take those existing friends adn colleagues along and grow them in the process, too?” Thanks for all you do.

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