Feedback on 9/2/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”


6 Responses to “Feedback on 9/2/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!””

  1. Mary Jane Hawkins Says:

    I do appreciate McDonald’s large number on the receipt, now if we could just get the counter people to announce the number in a loud clear voice. I have a hearing disability and it’s hard to know if they announced my receipt number because they mumble.

  2. Terry Says:

    Totally agree with those comments Glenn! I also have been stuck on a plane wondering what was going on. The worst was for six and a quarter hours in Dublin due to lack of de-icing fluid – they would not let us off as they were afraid they would lose their slot in line, although I saw an Aer Lingus flight being deplaned. After that we had a seven and a half hour flight ahead of us to Newark. I’m glad they brought out a new law that says the airlines cannot keep us for more than 3 hours when the plane is sitting at the gate.

  3. Carole Tanner Says:

    I sincerely hope that someone from Apple reads your articles. I will never understand why they insist on using light gray and light blue text on a stark white background. There is not enough contrast for those of us in the “over 40” age group. Even with the accessibility adjustments that a user can make, it is not enough. We “experienced” people buy their iPhones, iPads and iPods for ourselves and our kids. I can’t understand why they are missing the boat so badly on this issue. Thank you for calling attention to it!

  4. Rachael Peake Says:

    Thank you, these emails have been passed on to our employees- very helpful information that we don’t always remember to think about.

  5. Pam Maddox Says:

    Thank you for several illustrations of how simple good customer service can be. It is thinking of what will invite the other to feel comfortable, happy, safe, etc.It is a matter of getting outside yourself and thinking of the other.

  6. Steve Bunch Says:

    I ask perspective employees during the interview if they know what we sell at our restaurant. (We specialize in soup) When they answer soup I tell them that in actuality we sell the very same thing that is sold at Sears, that is sold at the auto repair shop, the clothing store or at Walmart. We sell “customer reactions”. It is the most important thing that every customer will take with them when they leave our store

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