Feedback on 10/14/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!


14 Responses to “Feedback on 10/14/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”

  1. Anna Major :) Says:

    As always, Glenn, you inspire me to be a better person after reading your weekly newsletters! Have a HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY and party hard with .38 Special!!! What an awesome treat for yourself!!! 🙂

  2. Jack Sauers Says:

    Glenn- I read every one of your emails. Naturally some are more inspiring than others, but they are all interesting.
    This week’s email is particularly outstanding. It is a call to action for a countless number of us!
    Thanks for the message and have a happy birthday!

  3. Elaine Says:

    This absolutely WONDERFUL I LOVE IT, and thank you for sharing. There is nothing more rewarding then to see a smile on someone’s face. You are awesome! E. Cousin

  4. Loretta Willis Says:

    I think it is great that you treat your employees to their birthday off, makes them feel special and shows you appreciate them. I also think it is excellent that you share and give to others to celebrate. That is a wonderful idea since we are always receiving on our birthdays, great to share in giving to others. NICE you give them your BD off also, great boss!

    Loretta Willis

  5. missymal Says:

    Glenn Sheperd, you are truly amazing. Have a fabulous, guilt-free birthday, and i am taking you up on your challenge. Just wait…

  6. Sandra Says:

    Wow, You really know how to live it up! I am in Northwest Ga. and would love to observe that party.

    BTW-Love your monthly Audio CD”s. Especially how to catch a liar

    Sandra Curd

  7. Joan Marquette Says:

    I too LOVE my birthday, December 12th. I have never minded aging another year, but this year am starting to worry about #57 and how close it is to #60. After reading this issue….I’ve turned myself around. Thanks for the reminder to live life and stop wasting time down in the dumps! Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful day!
    Joan Marquette
    Rome, NY

  8. Wade Hopkins Says:

    Glenn – One of the coolest things I ever did on my birthday was when I turned 50. As my family and a few of my closest friends finished eating and started to prepare the cake with the candles, I excused myself and then returned with a bag of gifts. They were amazed when I handed them each a gift, explained to them how their gift represented an impact on my life and then handed them each a handwritten letter detailing their impact on my life. What a great evening! My birthday is Thursday and I’ll do something special for someone thanks to your prompting.

  9. Vicky Baxter Says:

    After reading the article I decided to donate $51.00 to Innocence Matters. Typically aside from tithing, we give to cancer, ALS, Covenant House, Girl Scouts or KidsWorks but today I thought in honor of your birthday challenge, it would be good to give to a business that helps people who have been charged with a crime and serving a sentence they do not deserve, much like Paul in the Bible. The story of Susan Mellen who served 17 years for a crime she did not commit resounded with me because she had small children she did not get to raise. She has come out of prison not bitter or hardened because she knew she was innocent and some day would be free. She knew this because she is a Christian and put her faith in Christ. Thank you for the reminder that helping others is better than any present, gift or material thing.

    I appreciate your column and your Chamber connections. “As a Christian, I believe the purpose of my life is to serve God”. Please continue to keep Christ in your columns as our businesses, cities and world need to hear the good news.


    Vicky Baxter

  10. Jane Hendrickson Says:

    Thank you for sharing and you have inspired me to rethink birthdays and how to celebrate. Mine is 4 days after yours, I have started planning on how I can give back as well. I am already blessed to work for a Non Profit that does give their employees their birthdays off. Happy Birthday!

  11. Stacie Says:

    What a remarkable person you are….there needs to be more people like you on this earth. What a blessing it has been to read this today. I just celebrated my 44th birthday on the 4th and this article is so inspiring I will most def. be doing something on the 20th in your honor. From here on out every year the Good Lord allows me to celebrate another birthday I will be giving instead of recieving. Thank you so much.

  12. Doug Kimm Says:

    Your remarks in your October 14th email reminded me again of the following quote:

    Anyone that claims money can’t buy happiness has never given any away.”
    ~ Glenn Shepard“

    I have saved that quote for years. How wonderfully true it is!

    Doug Kimm

  13. Jennifer Sikes Says:

    I needed to read this today. I have a friend that struggles with birthdays. Maybe I can introduce this new way of thinking into his life. I also wished I worked for your company or one like yours. It’s really hard to find a company that values true Christianity. I will commit to helping on Monday the 20th and e-mail on how the day went.


    Jennifer Sikes

  14. Jackie Reynolds Says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you for reaffirming my belief that everyone should have one special day a year. I call my birthday my ‘National Holiday’ and try to take the day off every year. By the way, I turned 50 on the 17th. I love the giving part of your story and am going to adopt the same ideal.

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