Feedback on 11/18/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!


4 Responses to “Feedback on 11/18/14 Issue of “Work Is Not for Sissies!”

  1. Gib Docken Says:

    Narcissistic people are a lot like that too!

  2. Karla Munson Says:


    I wish I would have read this years ago. I just ended a 25 year marriage to a sociopath. I am in counseling to “reprogram” myself from the manipulation and control this man had over my family and I.

    I am not an “ignorant” person, and I honestly can’t believe the relationship continued on for as long as it did. My therapist has told me that quite often people who are otherwise very intelligent and successful succomb to a sociopath’s ways. It is imperitive that anyone who recognizes the signs of a sociopath to seek help immediately. It just might save them from the personal devistation and destruction that I endured.

    Thank you for your article, and for alerting others to this type of person.

  3. Glenn Shepard Says:

    Gib, yes indeed. Excellent observation, NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) as defined in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and sociopathy have many common symptoms, but are differentiated by several key factors. One of the most notable is that narcissists ignore rules, boundaries and societal norms because they’re so busy focusing on themselves that they don’t pay attention to anything or anybody else. Sociopaths proactively defy rules, boundaries and norms as part of an intentional scheme to manipulate people and situations for their own personal benefit. The narcissist is known more for ignoring others, the sociopath is known more for manipulating, deceiving, and using others. – Glenn Shepard

  4. Mykel Pachmyer Says:

    I worked for a flagship university for 31 months as a tenure-track librarian with a supervisory component. I had been contending with severe disabling depression for over 20 years before I ran into what I NOW recognize as a sociopath. This person refused to be supervised, manipulated her “girlfriends,” convincing them that she was their best “friend,” scared the “fearless” Library Director (who confided in someone that he didn’t want to “mess” with her), and who until this day STILL interferes with students as they are unable to concentrate on their studies in the Library because of her “sociopathic need” for what she calls FUN, which is hilarious laughter every afternoon until 4:30pm, when the facility closes.

    Twelve years have passed, the depressions have progressed to disability, and I can honestly say that I wish SHE were dead.

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