January 13, 2015 Issue


4 Responses to “January 13, 2015 Issue”

  1. David Mullins Says:

    Your commitment to your plan each year is commendable. Here, here!

  2. Russ Ramey Says:

    Read “Behind the Arches”. Along with Sam Walton’s book you will find Ray bought a system. If you would create wealth for your people give them a workable pattern, a successful template to follow…

  3. Henry Chmielnicki Says:

    The secrets of MacDonald’s success were excellent management systems and processes which resulted in superb uniformity, utmost convenience and very low prices. Quality and healthfulness of the food – not so much, but clearly these were not important qualities to the huge MacDonald’s market.

  4. Lynn Villarreal Says:

    The spelling of his last name is actually Kroc. The first McDonald’s was actually opened in Des Plaines, IL where I grew up. We started eating there in 1955 when they first opened. Only hired young men then- no women allowed which bothered me as the Civil Rights Act had not yet been enacted when I wanted to work there. Speedo was their mascot. The restaurant is still there- they turned it into a museum with 1950’s autos out front and male mannequins inside wearing soda jerk outfits- white shirt, white pants, black belt and soda jerk caps. Hamburgers were $.15, fries $.10. and sodas $.10.

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