January 27, 2015 Issue


4 Responses to “January 27, 2015 Issue”

  1. Eydie Comeaux Says:

    I absolutely love your take no hostages work ethic! We could so make a great team! Oh wait…we do!

    Willis-Knighton Health System
    Shreveport, LA

  2. Bob Says:

    Great line In your “Ask Glenn” reply – “The greatest harm doesn’t come from those who intentionally hurt others, it comes from those who see it happening and do nothing.” This is true for both those in authority and those who are not.

    Closing our eyes and thinking something will go away or right itself very seldom works. It is difficult, but best, to tackle issues in a timely manner especially when it affects team members. And if you are in a position of authority it is especially true that for the “good of the whole” you need to address the “problems of the one”.

    Thanks again Glenn for your words of wisdom.

    Bob Spletzer
    Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland
    Frankenmuth, MI

  3. Kim Hunt Says:

    I love the article but since you encourage not tolerating things – somebody really messed up the apostrophes in your article.

  4. Faithful fan Says:

    I am one of the lower percent that does not make New Year resolutions. If I cannot decide in July (or any month) to commit to what I want to do to better my health, diet, etc. then I won’t be doing it to appease a tradition of others.
    I always take the time to read your very informative and helpful newsletter. Just think, I could be outside smoking a cigarette instead (of course, I don’t smoke).

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