March 10, 2015 Issue


2 Responses to “March 10, 2015 Issue”

  1. Elizabeth Schuh Says:

    Hi Glen,

    Another good reason for twice yearly reviews is to allow both the manager and the employee to ‘course correct’ BEFORE the end of the year when raises are considered. It’s not fair to either party to wait until the end of the year or the eval period to find out they did something wrong 8 months ago and didn’t realize it and were never given the opportunity to correct or improve. Honestly, I believe in constant and timely feedback and not waiting for a formal eval period. If I see something or hear something that one of my employees is doing (or not doing), I make a piont to gather facts and then have a discussion on the topic as quickly as possible while it’s still fresh and then it allows me to observe if the feedback was understood and if they are acting on it.

  2. Tamaka Hudson Says:

    This is very timely information for my organization. Thank you for the insights you offer.

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