March 17, 2015 Issue


5 Responses to “March 17, 2015 Issue”

  1. Lisa Meacham Says:

    Great article. Gimmicks work in all areas of selling to the public in America. We all have so much going on that it is great to think of the icon and then the product (I love Flo and just can’t help checking everything against Progressive to see if I am getting the best deal)
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Scott Says:

    There are two very important aspects to any business, 1) attract the customer and 2) keep a customer.

    When someone requires a service, you want your business to be the first that people think of. People always seem to remember the silly and funny ads and those are the ones that are thought of.

    Of course, keeping a customer is vital, so here we go again with talking about great service after the sale.


  3. Cathy Says:

    Many of the case examples, and probably someone at the helm of the corporate approving the ad campaigns speak to me of individuals who are secure and well-adjusted enough to be able to laugh at life and perhaps even themselves a bit. With those upbeat attitudes, they are bound to be successful!

  4. Quenn N. Crum Says:

    I have found glitter to be quite effective. After all, she who leaves glitter in her wake will never be forgotten!

  5. John Winter Says:

    Hi Glenn, I like reading your articles every Tuesday. How do you get a caricature made of yourself, I think this is a fabulous idea.

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