March 24, 2015 Issue


3 Responses to “March 24, 2015 Issue”

  1. Gianetta Jones Says:

    SO true! I’ve thought the very same thing about drivers too. Spot on!

    Gianetta Jones

  2. Beverly Evans Says:

    I reached the same conclusion as you about the slow drivers but unlike many, I choose to break out of the pack and resume the legal speed (often wondering why others choose to remain behind). Fighting mediocrity and the herd mentality takes vigilance and action.

  3. Julie Vulk Says:

    My husband and I just went through your fair city on Monday night and stayed in Joelton. We drove from Flagler Beach, FL to Decorah, IA in two day. The most interesting was the guy who had passed us going 80 plus…and then we saw him visiting with the local State Trooper about 20 miles later…and we were still going!!

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