March 31, 2015 Issue


6 Responses to “March 31, 2015 Issue”

  1. Dave Says:

    Thanks Glenn, this was a great 2 minutes but as I write now I am into 4 minutes I like it that much! Have reviewed three times and will forward several more
    Brother Dave

  2. Sheila Blair Says:

    Your newsletter today is so inspiring that I will keep it and read it as often as possible over the next quarter as a reminder of this way of being I plan to adopt – immediately! While I do keep a journal, I have not made daily entries. I can’t wait to start owning my own time! I hadn’t realized until I read your letter that I’ve been giving it all away and have barely kept any for myself. Thank you!

  3. Janene Says:

    Don Felder…great guitarist.

  4. Amy Krueger Says:

    Glenn, I am the Assistant to no-one, as my Chamber of Commerce office is in transition without an Executive Director. A board member mentioned, ” I don’t really know what you do everyday.” This inspired me to keep a log of the highlights of my days which then turned into “The Chamber Report” at our next board meeting. You are so right! What a valuable tool to be able to recount where your time was spent. My board was enlightened and I felt accomplished, especially when I didn’t get everything on the list “checked-off.”

  5. Thai Pham Says:

    Dear Mr. Glenn,

    Cc: Ms. Rebecca – (Please forward this email to him with my great gratitude)

    I hope this email find you well.

    I still believe that there would be no free lunch in business but I am wrong as every week I receive a valuable free launch with lots of great motivations from you weekly letters.

    My gratitude for these lessons that really work well for me.

    I am sure that your business would going well and hope that it will be going on well.


    Thai Pham in Vietnam

  6. Terry Says:

    Years ago I entered a list – 1-7 in my Standard Page a Day Diary.
    Number 1: Walk 45 minutes
    Number 2 – 7
    General work load of what I wanted to accomplish that day.
    I had started work as a realtor and the year I started this Diary I made the most money.
    Now that I’m retired I still do this, although I don’t always find time to do what I intended, but it does gets most thing done.
    Great article Glenn – keep up the good work!

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