April 7, 2015 Issue


8 Responses to “April 7, 2015 Issue”

  1. Randall L. Essel Says:

    Looks like I have some more homework to do.

  2. Ben Lapin Says:

    Since I am not a marketer, how can I get the answers to the 10 questions? Do I have to look those up or do you have an answer page.

  3. Ben Lapin Says:

    Never mind, I jumped through the P.S.

  4. Eric Strickland Says:

    Glenn, I agree with your philosophy on hiring professionals…interesting though that you suggest in your reply to the letter of the week that you suggest John create his own performance evaluation form instead of working with an expert.

  5. Chad Bird Says:

    Glenn, thank you for your comments on marketing. I was a marketing / advertising major and always understood there is a difference. Do we want to be clear on who we are marketing to and what advertising we are using to accomplish our goals? I do agree, leave the work to the experts, only about 20% of advertising is effective. The trick is to know which 20%.

  6. George Lomas Says:

    I can’t wait until next week to see the answers.

  7. Kim~Kappel Says:

    Did my homework for the week, thanks!
    I’m adding a P.S. to my resume.

  8. Christine Michaels Says:

    Ok great article – I already want the answers!!!

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