April 14, 2015 Issue


5 Responses to “April 14, 2015 Issue”

  1. Chuck Dale-Derks Says:

    Why is the latest fad in marketing an e-mail with link to a very long and wordy video message? I hate these time wasters. If I am interested, I will click to close the page and then “stay on this page” to scroll through the junk and get to the facts. I have ordered product from several of these pages, but still do not like them. I appreciate your wisdom and look forward to reading each message. I often forward to others. Thank you!

  2. Vince Says:

    This is great information to know Glen. Thanks for always providing interesting information in your newsletters…. I would like to also say that…..

  3. George Lomas Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  4. Scott Baker Says:

    1, 2, 3, then 7… What happened to 4, 5, 6?

  5. hortlady Says:

    Ditto Scott. Did you mean to omit 4,5 and 6?

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