April 28, 2015 Issue


7 Responses to “April 28, 2015 Issue”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Excellent response in ‘Ask Gleen’ regarding small vs. large business.
    Think of Baltimore. The looted and burned out CVS store is tragic – but there is insurance, the huge company will absorb the loss and not go out of business and no executives are losing jobs. But the ‘Mom and Pops’ that were destroyed are done – little or not insurance because they couldn’t afford it, good chance the small business is done and the owners are out in the street looking for something else. In other words they stuck their necks out a mile versus the safety net of the large corporation.
    Having owned several small businesses I totally agree with your response and your stance on the importance of small businesses.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Grace Says:

    Hi Glenn

    I enjoy your newsletters and have had the pleasure of attending two of your seminars when you have come to Texas. I am the Director of a 30 year old non-profit that works with people struggling with the disease of addiction.

    Our agency has local community members serve on our Board. All are very nice people from the community who are concerned about and believe in the work we do for those in need. However, I am having trouble getting the Board to increase the funds it raises each year while the State and the Feds want to cut back what they pay for the services we provide to the community.

    Any advice on how to get someone to put money into a cause they support?


  3. john knuth Says:

    Thanks again for a great article !!
    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting OMAHA NE

  4. Deanne Skrzyniarz Says:

    Well said Glenn on your response for Ask Glenn. Small businesses do take larger risks because they don’t have a corporation to fall back on. I applaud you!

  5. Chuck Schwartz Says:

    Point taken on the Zeigarnik Effect – I was searching for where I could click to ask if I had missed one of the weekly communications, since I couldn’t find the answers to #5 & 6 !! Good Job !

  6. Nancy McCoy Duncan, IOM Says:

    Thanks for sharing Glenn. I appreciate your eNews!

  7. Beverley S. Brown Says:

    I read your response to they guy who was a little perturbed that you support the small business more than megacorp in your emails and such.

    The one thing that you and I know, but didn’t make it to your response, is that small business owners need all the encouragement they can get from each other. Megacorp can sail a long time on inertia alone (witness McDonalds, Sears, JCPenney) before they have to change their business model to compete. But a small business has to create the wind for the sails for many years with little real hope that inertia will take over. Small business owners do it because inertia as a sole source of energy feels much like being a lemming: no choices, no voices, and a growing feeling that there’s a cliff on the distant horizon.

    We’d rather create our own wind for our sails.

    Beverley S. Brown
    Attorney in a single lawyer office…..

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