May 12, 2015 Issue


5 Responses to “May 12, 2015 Issue”

  1. Inez Muilenburg Says:

    Thank you, Glenn for all the work you put in helping people to become better at prompting themselves for more enriching outcomes in their careers. I am volunteering with a job developer and vocational rehabilitation in providing job skill classes for people with disabilities and others that are returning to the work force after periods of unemployment due to illness or even incarceration. One of my focus in these classes is to work with them in how to properly apply for a position, putting together a good resume, learning what skills that they have acquired through life in general and how to “sell” themselves in a positive light. I conduct mock interviews with each one and then give them the feed back on how they did in responding to questions, as well as tips on demeanor or appearance. I also stress to them the need to follow up on all interviews whether they felt positive or not in the possible outcome. One of the things that I always point out is they can do follow up with phone calls, but the most impact comes from the handwritten note; thanking the potential employer for the interview, for their time and expressing their desire for a to be considered for the position. I will definitely be using this issue of your newsletter to not only enhance the resume process, but to re-enforce the suggestions that I make to them. Thank you, Glenn Shepard for being the mentor those that desire to be better and more productive citizens. I, for one, will be forever grateful for the opportunities and directions that you have bestowed on me. Cannot wait for you to return to Huron, SD.

    Inez Muilenburg
    General Manager
    Super 8
    Huron, South Dakota

  2. Karen Says:

    Great Story & A Golden Rule Everyone Should Not Only Practice But Share! Thank You!

    Karen in Frankfort, KY

  3. Judy Cryer Says:

    Dear Glenn,

    What a great, inspirational story and what a smart young lady.

    Not too long ago, you mentioned in one of your newsletters the power of that “wax seal”. Now you have brought it up again with excellent results. I belong to a wonderful, international charitable organization. We are always looking to increase our members. I am going to use the “wax seal” when inviting prospective members to our club functions. I think it sends a wonderful, inviting message even before the envelope is opened.

    Please keep up your great work and words!



  4. john knuth Says:

    Just the kind of stuff that needs to be written ! ENCOURAGING !
    Thanks , Glenn and Rebecca !!
    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting – Omaha NE

  5. Tanya Says:

    Dear Glenn Shepard,

    Very much appreciate you reminding that the small details will stand out and leaves a lasting impression. And common sense just isn’t “common”, any more. Common sense must be taught and shared with those that we raise and those that come into our lives willing to learn.
    Thanks again.
    TMF, servantinchrist & made for meaning – Selbyville, Delaware

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