May 19, 2015 Issue


9 Responses to “May 19, 2015 Issue”

  1. Tim Morris Says:

    Can I get a big AMEN to that?
    Totally agree with you (once again) on this Glenn

  2. M Curtis Says:

    Glenn, I am with you on the use of gadgets in church. It’s just not appropriate in my book. Something else that’s not appropriate is pants that are dropped to the crotch with underwear showing. (I guess we should be thankful that at least underwear is there). Recently I was at WalMart and a fellow about 25 years old was walking in front of me holding his cell phone to his ear with one hand and holding the crotch of his pants with the other. I’m usually subdued and just shake my head but my 30-year old son had just passed away and apparently because I was so hyper-sensitive at that point, my reaction to the sight was to boil inside. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him that if he’d pull up his pants and tighten his belt he wouldn’t have that problem, and I also told him it looked ridiculous. He did a thumbs up and went to the register line. I went on my way and when I came back, he was still at the register – but with his pants up! I intend to do it again.

  3. Debbie Says:

    I LOVED this article. There are no social graces anymore. In restaurants, couples sitting across from one another are texting . . . why even go out to eat? In the movie theater, all you see are little bright lights because unfortunately the attendants in the back texting, too. We can’t stop technology, but there is no reason to be so rude!

  4. Judy Says:

    I don’t know if anyone can top this. I was at a funeral. The minister was talking about the deceased when a cell phone rang. The person (a man in his 70s) started to carry on a conversation. The minister thought he was talking to her and asked if he wanted to say something about the deceased. He waved a hand at her and said she could continue. He actually gave his permission for her to continue with the service. I thought I had see it all.

  5. Russ Ramey Says:

    I just read that we have a shorter attention span than a GOLDFISH, yep a GOLDFISH. Gee Glenn, why would that be? WE can’t pay attention during a 20 minute sermon …

  6. Mary Romano Says:

    Not wear socks??? You have me befuddled. What’s wrong with socks?

  7. Logan Says:

    Matthew [7:1] “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. (NIV)

  8. Laura J. Cleveland MLIS Says:

    Glenn, Thank you for sounding the voice of reason in a gone world….

  9. Scott Says:

    I am the “Trainer/Staff Developer” at the agency where I work, and as such, cell phones are truly the bane of my existence. Having phones ringing during class is bad enough, but there’s been occasions when people have actually answered their calls and carried on conversations. Aside from the obvious distraction, it’s simply rude and selfish.

    Several months ago, I was out on a first date with a lovely young lady. The 3 of us went out for dinner; her, me, and her cell phone. There was very little opportunity for her and I to converse as she was either talking or texting for much of the evening.

    The next day, I let her know that I enjoyed going out, but that I would have like it so much more if we could have talked and gotten to share information and learned more about each other. That was the last conversation her and I ever had. She was incensed that I would prefer she talk with me while out together, and not other people via her phone.

    Call me “old fashion”, but some technologies seem to have surpassed our ability to use them wisely.

    Turn off your phones and get to know the people around you!

    Thanks for letting me rant on.


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