July 7, 2015 Issue


7 Responses to “July 7, 2015 Issue”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! There is a proper way to file a grievance with your employer, and bullying them by using threats is definitely not the right way to go about it. Too many people in our society feel like they can just “pitch a fit” and get what they want. Sometimes calling their bluff is the only reasonable response.

  2. Jim Grise Says:

    I believe the employer made the right decision under the circumstances, but waited too long to address underlying issues. Many employers allow poor performance from one or more employees to continue for too long instead of addressing it earlier with a less drastic intervention.

  3. Dan Pradel Jr Says:

    Couldn’t help but think of the air traffic controllers in the 80s. That was a tough presidential decision, but showed that the boss was not going to let the tail wag the dog.

  4. lyn lyons Says:

    We’ve been “held up” like this many times, and the response is always the same; “there’s the door”. At least one who left this way was back within 6 months, for less pay than he left with, and happy to be allowed another chance. He’s a much better employee for having his bluff called.

  5. Russ Ramey Says:

    To quote a famous Ayn Rand character

    ” Fire the B^%^”- Gail Wynand. Plural…..

  6. DebbieMix Says:

    I remember when I gave the ultimatum… I was 19, had a good paying job… my first real job. I tried to negotiate a raise the wrong way. I was young and naiive but learned a good lesson. Now I sit in the same spot as my boss had and am glad I had the experience so I can use it to teach the younger generation that same lesson, hopefully to a better end. As the employer, you need to read the situation and take care of it before it gets out of hand. Thank you for reiterating this scenario again.

  7. Dr Ray DVM Says:

    I believe this commonality of experience is because all the movies and TV shows the 20/30 something as knowing more than the CEO/ boss of a company, and the company would collapse without the 20something. This is not reality, but they don’t know that, and they don’t seek wisdom from parents, older employees….. But what we have seen is this can be seen in older employees who have not been in the workforce for a while.

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