July 21, 2015 Issue


3 Responses to “July 21, 2015 Issue”

  1. Kathi Says:

    Wow, I’m totally surprised you didn’t tell the boss that why the staff person asks for unpaid leave is none of their business! What if they never said “cosmetic” and just surgery…sounds like the boss is totally fine by the leave and the boss would even save money! But his bias against “vanity” surgery makes him want to say no. Who is he to judge what someone does on their off time? (Unless they got implants and turned their face into Darth Maul or something…THAT I would understand…but if they want a smaller nose or bigger breasts…that’s their decision).

  2. Tamie Says:

    I’m also surprised at your answer to the Ask Glenn column. The boss’s objection to the reason for the time off has nothing to do with the business. The boss should remove his personal views from the situation and evaluate good business practice. Can the business tolerate the absence? Even if it causes some inconvenience in shifting work loads, showing employees that the company is working to keep them happy goes a long way.

  3. Trish Nista Says:


    I usually think you are right on with your responses to people’s questions, but I don’t agree with you this time. If giving this employee time off will cause hardship to others, than I could see the boss not approving the leave. It sounds, however, like this leave is unpaid and will benefit the business. If the cosmetic is done by a licensed practitioner, the employee’s rights are covered under HIPAA laws and shouldn’t be a concern of the boss.

    Given that the young lady chose to share this personal information, I’m guessing there may be a “fatherly” relationship where the boss is simply looking to pass on advice – but he should leave it as advice.

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