September 1, 2015 Issue


3 Responses to “September 1, 2015 Issue”

  1. Roger Hause Says:

    This is perfect timing and the best advise I have had in a long.

    Thank you Glenn.

  2. john knuth Says:

    Glenn; Thanks for “categorizing” the “frames of mind” to NOT be in when looking for people….We utilize a 24/7 recruiting approach in our little Sound and Lighting business and have followed your path of hiring interaction for years now. What you have stated is excellent advice – THANKS !
    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting – Omaha NE

  3. Maryanne Says:

    Glenn, I 100% agree with you about not settling with any employee hire. I am an Air Force supervisor, and the recipient of a previous supervisor’s ” I feel sorry and I’ll give you a chance” hire. The employee won’t follow call-in procedures for leave requests, has a pattern of sick leave abuse (and I issued the employee a suspected leave abuse counseling letter), has been charged AWOL for not requesting leave properly (now a Reprimand is in progress) and failing to report to work, and constantly attempts to request annual leave (earns and burns it immediately) when deadlines loom close, and I deny the leave. The completed work is late often ,and requires much rework. This employee is a bargaining employee, everything must be documented.

    I was specifically direct to reassign by my squadron director to this position to bring back standards, leadership, accountability, and professionalism into the office. This situation is essentially thankless and housekeeping due to previous poor management decisions. My efforts to influence and improve the employee’s behavior is ignored. It’s elevated that I’m picking on the employee though all employees are expected and following the rules and directions. My best friends are the Union and HR to influence productive changes. The employee continues to resist, and it generates grievances to get to a resolution. I’m okay with grievances to settle a matter–just irks me that another supervisor’s quick or poor decision in hiring passes to me to correct. My role is exhausting, and I didn’t volunteer or want it. Looking for another position presently–too much babysitting and drama in the office!

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