October 20, 2015 Issue


15 Responses to “October 20, 2015 Issue”

  1. Chris Ledbetter Says:

    Happy Birthday Glenn. Hope you have a great day!!! I am going to pay it forward today in honor of your birthday.

  2. Christie Cooper Says:

    An amazing story written by an amazing man! Our company reads our Tuesday email by Glenn as a ritual and we print the copy for all to read when they can not access their email! I have enjoyed being a part of your life through your weekly emails and am grateful you are a one of kind leader! Thank you for all you do Glenn, my company appreciates you weekly!

    I hope you find joy in your 52nd birthday! Happy Birthday TO YOU!!!

    Christie Cooper

  3. Bonnie Silverman Says:

    Instead of throwing a big birthday party for myself on my 40th birthday I looked for a volunteer opportunity that I could invite all of my friends to participate in. I ended up with the Alzheimer’s Association and have been raising funds for and serving on the Memory Walk Planning Committee several times over the last 10 years. It has been a great relationship, I recommend the volunteering birthday party….then you can take everyone out for a great meal afterwards. Happy Birthday Glenn, hope you have many more happy and healthy years of paying it forward.

  4. Karen McTaggart Says:

    For our four-legged furry friends, I paid-it-forward by purchasing several items from the wish lists of four local animal rescue groups, delivered them to each organization, and drove approximately 55 miles (would have been 52, ironically, if I hadn’t gotten lost once!). Everyone who received the items expressed thanks, and fortunately all but one had folks in the building seeking to adopt. With or without a reason, it’s great to lend a hand.

  5. Terri Lundberg Says:

    Glen, thanks for the present to US on your birthday. After attending your seminar in Paducah last year, I came back to my office and implemented paid birthdays for everyone in the company. I’m going to send this post along to my staff as an inspiration to add depth to their next paid day off. I hope you had a good one!!

  6. Norma Washington Says:

    “Happy Birthday Glenn, what an amazing story, have a Blessed Day!

  7. Roger Hause Says:

    You go Glen I wish you many more birthdays.

  8. Meredith Says:

    Happy Birthday, Glenn. Your weekly articles are an inspiration and I enjoy the ‘high’ I get from them. I will pay it forward today in some form….Cheers!

  9. Scott Says:

    While performing acts of kindness on our birthdays are truly nice to do, there are still 364 days of the year we can act upon as well.

    I remember when a popular bumper sticker came out several years ago that read; “Practice random acts of kindness”. A friend riding in the car with me quickly replied by saying that it’s too bad it didn’t read; “Practice routine acts of kindness”.

    Being kind to any and all people and creatures should be fundamental in everyone, and performed without recognition.

  10. Amy DeMetri Says:

    Very inspiring testimony Glenn!!!
    To me- helping others is a selfish act- because, just as you continue to reiterate- it makes me feel good!

    Thank you Glenn- and Happy Birthday.

  11. Terry McCann Says:

    Happy Birthday Glenn – hope it’s one of your happiest?

  12. Sharon Skalsky Says:

    Happy Birthday Glenn and thank you. Your messages have always inspired me and continue to do so.

  13. Steven Dwenger Says:

    I am a big fan of yours both literally and figuratively. I just wanted to say I love reading your articles and wish to see you in person again someday. You recently visited my home town in Greensburg Indiana, but I was out of the country in Singapore on business. I love your philosophies on life and business and simply would like to say keep up the great work.

  14. Carol Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Glenn’s Pay It Forward Birthday message and plan to start this my next birthday. He is so right about sharing the joy of paying it forward. Thanks Glenn….and a Happy Belated Birthday!

  15. Patricia Miles Says:

    Happy birthday Glenn…Paying it Forward sounds like you! There are 2 things that anyone who knows you would definitely say:
    1- you have definitely made a difference in the lives of many people!
    2- you were speaking figuratively about the “been there done that” comment …
    Thanks for what you do and for what you inspire others to do! Your long time friend,
    Pat Miles
    (retiree from University of South Alabama)

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