October 27, 2015 Issue


6 Responses to “October 27, 2015 Issue”

  1. Judy Stella Says:

    I guess this even applies to Presidential Candidates!! lol


  2. Diane Broe Says:

    It’s also annoying when the person sitting near to you is constantly viewing his/her smartphone during a seminar. If you’ve made the effort to be there, why not be fully present?!

  3. Laurie Craig Says:

    Today, everyone is texting or emailing, facebooking, etc. I find it so rude that people can’t unplug for an hour until the break!

  4. Mark Says:

    Glenn, this issue reminds me of the talk you gave to me and a group of veterinarians a hand full of years ago in KC. You spent a good bit of time discussing the different age groups and how they are motivated. I loved every minute of it. Seems like we have to find a “new” way to get results with the younger generations but the idea of the wrong person who doesn’t fit into any of the seats, needs to get off the bus still pertains.

  5. Wendy Stafford Says:

    OHMIGOSH – I was one of the ones whose cell phones rang, during YOUR seminar a few years ago!! I was so embarrassed, I wanted to dig a hole in the floor! I thought my phone was turned off, but it wasn’t and when it rang, I was mortified! Now I am absolutely compulsive about turning off my phone. A lesson learned the hard way!

  6. Valerie Beckwith Says:

    This was great. I love to share your articles with my leadership group.

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