November 10, 2015 Issue


3 Responses to “November 10, 2015 Issue”

  1. Wendy Stafford Says:

    Glenn, I have my own company running a flight attendant preparation program but I have moved to a different state and planned on running it here; however, a flight school wants me to join them and start a flight attendant program there, so I would give up my company, which I would like to do because I have been doing it for 18 years and want to relinquish some of the administrative responsibilities now. The program is 2 weeks of distance learning, followed by 5 days in the classroom. The issue I have is, how much do I charge them for setting up the program, then overseeing it. They mentioned a salary plus commission, dependent on how many students attend each month. Can you guide me or lead me to someone who can help me with this? I have been featured on TV numerous times, on The Evening News with Diane Sawyer, Fox and Friends, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, National Geographic, Aviators and several articles and quoted in several books, so I have been sought after as an expert in the field. While I want to be paid reasonably, I don’t want to price myself too high; they are a small school and may not be able to afford paying me a lot, but this is something I want to do to “downscale”, as I near retirement. Thank you.

    Wendy Stafford
    Flight Attendant Express

  2. Terry Post Says:

    I believe it was the late Johnny Carson who described Thanksgiving as the holiday where people travel great distances to see people only once a year, and by the end of the visit realize that once a year is too often.

  3. maryann vasquez Says:

    Mr. Shepard. This is good.!!!!!!….i mean this is what i call true meaning of your sucess of what you say with the best common sense and it is because of the lady who is next to you.who has made you a man to speak and to become …..too many phonies yep, and it is sad that this is what people do to each other…….im a believer on this and im single and cannot find that man ( dont matter where or how ) to be honest with me.!

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