November 17, 2015 Issue


7 Responses to “November 17, 2015 Issue”

  1. leslie vanginkel Says:

    I generally tell my staff, if a patient gets to rude, to ask them to hold while you get a supervisor and get me to handle the call. I take it as a challenge to have them leave with a better attitude. Several of the staff have learned this and apply it but I do not want them to put up with abuse, that is for me to handle

  2. Angela White Says:

    I agree that we all have things we would rather not in the course of the day. I am of the mind set that since my employees are the first line of contact, I need to take care of them, then they will take care of customers. They work hard for me and deserve to be treated well. If someone is over the top, I will stand up for my employee and let the customer know that they do not have permission to demean my employee. I may choose to bark like a dog, but if I let my crew be mistreated, how can they respect me?

  3. Roger Says:

    The customer is not always RIGHT but the customer is always the CUSTOMER

  4. Judy R Says:

    I can’t disagree with anything I’ve seen, neither the post to begin with (though I’d be hard-pressed to behave like a dog…) nor any comments. I’m surprised, but apparently I needed to learn your message today Glenn.

  5. Judy R Says:

    I’m not surprised that I could and did learn from you Glenn! Not what I meant! I’m surprised that you said, yes, act like a dog if necessary!

  6. Marlene Says:

    My first job in college (40 years ago) was working for Joann Fabrics, a store in direct competition with the local mall’s “Singer” store, selling sewing materials, machines and supplies. A customer came into our shop, insisting we reimburse her for “Talon” brand thread she had purchased from us. My first thought was, “no way, Jose’ – you didn’t buy that here. My boss, however, rang up the return and gave her the money back. The lady left as a happy customer. The problem was, Joann Fabrics did not carry “Talon” brand, only “Coats and Clark” thread. When I questioned the boss, she said she would have given the customer her money back even if she had brought back a piece of fruit, because chances are she simply had made a mistake. And if we made a fuss over a human error we certainly would have lost a customer for life. As it was, the customer returned many times and bought much more.

    I learned a big lesson that day – everyone makes mistakes and the customer (and a wise boss) IS always right.

  7. Scott Says:

    Sometimes you just have to ask yourself; “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy”?

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