December 8, 2015 Issue


6 Responses to “December 8, 2015 Issue”

  1. Russ Ramey Says:

    My youngest daughter, 21 with absolutely no filters, told my future son-in-law our family has this system we live by, “OUR FAMILY WORKS FOR A LIVING”.
    He was an only child and everything seems to traumatize him. It’s too sad but true… it’s how we raise them, they learn by watching us. We tell our kids, if you want up know how your potential spouse is going to treat you, see how they treat each other. If the father call his wife ‘the old lady’, there you go. We have a template, people can change, but the default setting is still in there. Five grown kids Glenn, all of them boys except four of them.
    Best regards,
    35 year road warrior myself

  2. Melissa Says:

    I attended that conference – and as an attendee – I didn’t even know it! You did an amazing job “covering up”. One of my favorite conferences actually! Thank you!!

  3. Debbie Mix Says:

    I agree with Glenn but I think the question was looking for specifics on how to bring their employees to the level of professionalism they want and require. Perhaps they can nip the problem in the bud when they hire new employees by telling them outright the poison that is being spread by certain employees and that kind of behavior will not be tolerated and is cause for dismissal. Perhaps a staff meeting explaining just what was stated in the letter is in order. Explaining how each of them have been given the courtesy of adapting to their schedules, along with the expectation that working Sundays is a part of the job. If there are empolyees that have several exceptions or accommodations, then the employees may have a legitimate complaint. This will take diplomacy and tact. Good Luck to the employer!

  4. Bethany Lofgren Says:

    I’ve tried to leave my kids a good work ethic and to not give up – whether by example of what I and my husband do, and by what I tell them. It doesn’t seem to have stuck well though. It seems more like they do the opposite yet (kids 22,19,17). I’m not sure what I did wrong, maybe love them too much I guess. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. (Survived breast cancer and husband’s heart condition treatment.)

  5. Shirly Livermone Says:

    Yes, yes, yes — you are so right

  6. ED Says:

    Just catching up on some reading as I love your newsletters and am cut out of pretty much the same cloth as you. I knew your father and great-grandfather — very fine men, indeed, and had amazing work ethics.

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