January 12, 2016 Issue


4 Responses to “January 12, 2016 Issue”

  1. Cathy Phillips Says:

    I can’t wait for the new DVD! And thanks for the reminder that we all have to do parts of our job we don’t enjoy. I just moved offices and have boxes yet to unpack. And it’s been two months! So, starting today, I will at least unpack one box. Thanks again, and please KEEP WRITING!

  2. Mindy Ortega Says:

    Dear Glen,
    One of the team leads in my office shares your “Work Is Not For Sissy’s” every week. I enjoy your articles and look forward to them. I wish everyone would READ these articles, it would help the moral of our office so much. Do you ever get to my side of the country? I live in Utah and would love to attend one of your seminars.
    Thank you for your wisdom and insight!
    Mindy Ortega

  3. Beth Says:

    I love the article..I have forwarded it to my co workers. Always trying to boost moral!! Thanks for all your Tuesday insights!!

  4. Angela Popenhagen Says:

    Thank you for this issue! I continually hear that if you’re in the right career, you’ll love every minute, love coming to work, and on and on. I do love being an engineer, but don’t always love every minute (mostly the minutes working on marketing and writing as you’ve expressed)! So I just may be living my passion.

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