January 19, 2016 Issue


5 Responses to “January 19, 2016 Issue”

  1. D deT Says:

    The last time I lost a job, I took 6 part time jobs from a temp agency to keep money coming in the door while I continued to look for a full time position. I know that as a full charge bookkeeper I have a mandatory (for most businesses) skill set and that makes it ‘easier’ for me, but everyone who knew that I was working 6 jobs thought I was crazy.

  2. C. Alan Hutchins Says:

    Reading this issue today made me think of the article you wrote about the magic bullet and trying to get a job.
    “A letter written to the President &CEO of the company you want to work for with the wax seal initial.”

    I bought all three of my daughters one of those wax seals. Two have used it to get jobs.
    While they didn’t write to the CEO, they hand delivered a resume in a sealed envelope with the “wax seal” to the head of HR.

    One daughter used your advice (which I gave her) to go to the best hospital where she lives and apply for the Speech Therapist job, even though there was not a job opening. But you were right, there was job opening.
    They interviewed her for 2 hours that day, and 3 days later she had the job. This just happened at the beginning of the year.

    So yes, you can work, if you really want to. But you have to look and act different than the other 99% of the people out there.

    Thanks for the good advice.

    PS – I still have the letter you sent me a few years ago with your wax seal (see pic).

    Your friend,

    C. Alan Hutchins

  3. Jo Fabrizio, Esq. Says:

    Bravo, Glenn – once again you hit it out of the park!
    – Jo Fabrizio, Esq.

  4. Dean Hamer Says:

    While I agree with you on all statements, the uncertainty of leaving a secure but under paid position is a terror that some people can not surpass. I was able to overcome this issue but it was a very difficult decision.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you!!

    I currently employ 10 people and every single one of them was selected because they showed initiative with their job interest–walking into my place of business with a smile, introduction, inquiry and offering a skill set.

    It always makes me cringe when someone shows initiative, but doesn’t introduce themself by name. That’s a major communication failure in my eyes and it happens more frequently than not.


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