February 2, 2016 Issue


4 Responses to “February 2, 2016 Issue”

  1. billmoak Says:

    Glenn, Good advice on this. I might add that a male supervisor or colleague should NEVER shut the door if alone with an employee of the opposite sex. I have always had a policy of having at least one other person in the room, especially when administering disciplinary action. (If it’s a female, I make it a point to find another woman to witness everything.) Actually, that is a good policy with anyone, regardless of gender. In scouting, we have a policy requiring “2-deep” leadership, which requires that no adult (other than the scout’s own parent) should be alone with a scout at any time.

  2. Malcolm Pallos Says:

    Great article! Please remind people to date the document record who was there and who said what. If you manage a Union shop have a Union Steward at the meeting. This can protect you from a false accusation. I would love to see all Managers wear a body camera; some of the stuff I have heard from workers defies logic and common decency!

  3. Bobbi V. Says:

    Very good article, Glenn. Thank you for reminding us that documentation is key and thank you Malcolm for reminding us to date the documentation! Great information.

  4. Guelda Wooldridge Says:

    Your PS started me thinking……Our non-profit is Looking for a free performance review document that will allow both the manager and the employee to input on the same document. Do you have any suggestions.

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