March 15, 2016 Issue


3 Responses to “March 15, 2016 Issue”

  1. Kimber L. Frederick Says:

    when i was in 6th grade a school mate received a gift in his Christmas stocking that was a $100 bill. i went home and asked my mother why i did not receive a $100 bill. she calmly explained that we are all unique and not to be “jealous” of what others may have. i took that to heart and tried never to be jealous of another’s money, skills etc. Admittedly, i had moments but basically i am free of the “jealous monster”. i am now 63 with a successful business and will one day retire with a new highway to travel. thanks for keeping life positive.

  2. Angie huckins Says:

    Thank you! Very helpful

  3. john knuth Says:

    Glenn and Rebecca ; thanks, again. Really good to bolster the people who have helped this country with their small business ethics. Wish it would work with our “leaders” – how did politicians ever get to be our “leaders” And how can economic theory ignoring “progressives” ? ( un – progressives) socialists even be in these conversations ? Oh well !!
    John Knuth – Midwest Sound and Lighting

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