July 12, 2016 Issue


22 Responses to “July 12, 2016 Issue”

  1. Linda Weaver Says:


  2. Lt. C. Evans, Mobile County, AL, Sheriff's Office Says:

    Thank you, Glenn, for that article.

    Lt. C. Evans
    Mobile County Sheriff’s Office
    Mobile, AL

  3. Lizette Says:

    Thank you for this Glenn. My office is taking you up on your challenge & running with this.

  4. Erold Jackson Says:

    that was the best article I have seen written on this chaos so far!!! want to run for president??

  5. Barb Kromrey - Paul's Sheet Metal, Inc Says:

    Thank you Glenn, awesome words everyone should have to read and yes I am using your letter and distributing it.

  6. Robin Says:

    Glenn – I love reading your articles. You always have great information. I share them with several colleagues.

    I have to wonder though when it became ok to refer to Police Officers as “Cops”? In my opinion, it is much more respectful to refer to them as Police officers.

  7. Jocelyn McCord Says:

    Thanks for the article. I agree, I was wondering what “COPs” anacronym stood for. And as a Canadain, I am well aware that your president has made several very eloquent remarks about the great service that the majority of your law enforcement officers provide and that you are not to consider all “COPs” bad as a result of the behaviour of just a few. And most of the BLM information I see, they are adament that thier “protests” are in concert with their local law enforcement. The totally see this as a shared problem and not a “COPs” versus “blacks” issue, so i have to disagree with you. There are lots of social media posts with people expressing thier gratitude and respect for all of the hard work, dedication and risk that thier local law enforcement undertakes.

  8. Roger Hause Says:

    I agree whole heartedly Glenn.

    Thank you I have a great deal of respect for all service personal.

  9. Kirk Hauskins Says:

    I will be sending out this form letter today. Tell Glenn thanks for providing it!

    Kirk Hauskins

  10. Peter Blake Says:

    Would it be ok to reprint this article…with full attribution?

    Peter Blake
    North East Fabricare Association

  11. Christy Moore Says:

    I am definitely using this letter to send to several police departments in my area. Thank you so much! They do need to know the people are behind them and appreciate them.

    Christy Moore
    Director of Operations
    Visiting Angels
    Dallas, GA

  12. Brad Jones Says:

    As a retired law enforcement officer, thanks!

  13. Bryan Studer Says:

    Glenn, thank you so much for your article supporting law enforcement officers this week. I am the branch manager at a regional community bank in west Texas. I borrowed the wording from your sample letter to write a thank you letter to our local police department that I am having all my employees sign.

    Bryan Studer

  14. Nancy McCoy Duncan Says:

    Glenn, thank you once again for hitting the nail on the head! I just finished hand-writing a note of thanks for my own local Police Dept. I will also use your wonderful letter to send to the others in my county and our Sheriff’s Dept also. Thank you again!

  15. Carl Thompson Says:

    Glenn and Rebecca,

    Thank you for supporting our law enforcement personnel. They are my heroes. They have to deal with a side of life us civilians cannot even imagine.

    I often tell the Minden Police officers (and especially Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper) and our Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies (and especially Sheriff Gary Sexton) that my wife and I can sleep peacefully at night because we know they are standing guard in the dark of night to protect us.

    I will continue thanking our law enforcement and fire protection personnel for their service to my community and supporting them completely.

    Best regards,
    Carl Thompson
    Deputy Assessor/Project Coordinator
    Webster Parish Assessor’s Office

  16. Christina Schuler Says:

    Wonderful article!!!!!

  17. Lauren Says:

    I want to say thank you this article. I come from a law enforcement family so we truly feel the impact of what is happening to law enforcement in our country. Even so, the officers don’t back down and they go to work proudly and willingly every day, knowing what they may face. Seeing this article from you reminds us that there is support of law enforcement in our country, and you are doing your part to ensure that this majority is not so silent. I appreciate you using your platform to do so. I hope words and actions such as yours will permeate the country and the dialogue can become more positive and supportive of the profession that runs in while the rest of us run away.

  18. Duffy Mooney Says:

    Great article and form letter. I sent a copy to the Christian Co., MO, Sheriff’s Dept. Thanks!

  19. Joy Says:

    Thank you, Glenn for the article except for one thing – the correct title is police officer, Cop is a slang term. To truly give them the respect they deserve, their correct title is police officer.

  20. Bonnie Silverman Says:

    This is by far my favorite Glenn Shepard Newsletter ever.
    I will absolutely be writing a thank you note to my local police and forwarding this newsletter to my family and friends encouraging them to do the same. Thank you!

    Bonnie Silverman
    Vice President, Business Operations
    CECity.com, Inc.

  21. Nichole Hageman Says:

    Thank you for sharing this – as the wife of a Police Officer it is refreshing to hear SUPPORT instead of the bashing that has been in the media lately. THANK YOU 🙂

    Several of my coworkers and I attended your seminar in Decorah, IA recently and it really helped us as managers!

    Nichole Hageman
    Social Worker
    Decorah, IA

  22. Theresa Byers Says:

    I read your emails religiously because they always have nuggets of GREAT information, but this one takes the cake! This is absolutely fabulous and something I would like to share in our community.

    Thank you Glenn for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us!

    You are very appreciated!

    Theresa Byers, IOM
    Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce (OH)

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