September 18 , 2018 Issue


One Response to “September 18 , 2018 Issue”

  1. Dr Ray Ramirez Says:

    This is so true. Among my colleagues of Veterinary doctors, there is a move to push new graduates to stay indebted to the government for their student loans for 20+ years!!! And one person _proudly_ portrays themselves as someone who he and his wife owe over $400,000 in student loans!!! And they call me crazy for saying that they could crack down and get rid of that in 10 years, if they lived on 40K (they say well, with taxes) – ok 30K and take 11 years. Get it over with!! But they want to eat out and take their vacations!!! Yikes. Not that I worry about them, but they are being ‘portrayed’ as the experts telling the students to follow their path… Which they will, right over the cliff like lemmings! IMHO

    Dr Ray Ramirez

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