October 16, 2018 Issue


6 Responses to “October 16, 2018 Issue”

  1. Todd Reed Says:

    Thank you. Very Timely for me.

    Todd Reed

  2. Alex Says:

    Hello Glenn

    I’m sure the title needs a correction? Very funny!


  3. Suzette Says:

    I especially liked this article. I am also intrigued with the headline and choice of words “Busty” instead of “Busy”, and thinking maybe you did that on purpose (was this maybe a Glenn Shepard Marketing test) to get us to read? Mission accomplished. 🙂

    Suzette Mathews

  4. Suzette Says:

    Thanks to a friend who pointed it out–I now see the PS…you got me Glenn

    Suzette Mathews

  5. Barbara Says:

    I read the article–got to the first P.S. and realized I really didn’t read the title….too funny!!! loved it!!! I guess I was just tooo busy…LOL anyway, I’d like to share this article with my employees….thanks.
    Barbara Peck

  6. John Knuth Says:

    I like this topic and almost never read it. so I invested , read it and had something to think about. I’m really thinking about this ! Thanks ! getting me off the day and getting me to think is a great thing….simple but really useful.
    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting

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