October 23, 2018 Issue


7 Responses to “October 23, 2018 Issue”

  1. Dee Blasingame Says:

    I’m so glad your newsletters are now showing up in my regular emails. I’ve tried for a couple of years to get them out of my spam folder to no avail. This is a good one. Thanks

    Dee Blasingame

  2. Kathleen Martin Says:

    Keep up the GREAT work Glenn!!

    Kathleen Martin

  3. Kathy Knowles Says:

    I’m glad to learn there’s a Foundation for Obsessive Compulsives.
    I may join! 🙂

    Kathy Knowles

  4. Melody Schlake Says:

    I read it as busty, felt a little insulted (LOL) and then went on to read the article. I read them every week. I may not always agree with the, but I do always enjoy them. Thank you

    Melody Schlake

  5. Barbara Kromrey Says:

    I so look forward to every one and read it to the end! I thank you for being dedicated to what you do, I have attended one of your seminars and you continue to inspire me with your writing.
    Thank you

    Barb Kromrey

  6. John Knuth Says:

    John Knuth of Midwest Sound and Lighting in Omaha here, GOOD take on the perfectionism issue. All really valid points – nice compilation ! Will use for MORE not-perfect meetings and just “getting business going” and keeping the “merchant mentality” THANK YOU GLENN ! Did a bunch of (hourly !) good deeds to celebrate your birthday, by the way !
    John Knuth Midwest Sound and Lighting

  7. Selina Buenning Says:

    Congratulations, on your 700th article!! Please keep them coming, I enjoy reading them every week.

    Thank you!!
    Selina Buenning

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