November 20, 2018 Issue


One Response to “November 20, 2018 Issue”

  1. Nikki Fischer Says:

    Glenn I have enjoyed your weekly articles for more than a decade and always find a nugget to relate to my life either work or home, sometimes both. You mentioned that you’re not going to be able to take your nephews skeet shooting. I want to remind you that our days here on earth are numbered. We lost our precious 19 year old son Kaleb a month ago yesterday to a farm accident. He was doing what he loved to do where he loved to do it on his grandparents farm. It was a normal Wednesday.
    My husband and I along with our 16 year son and 12 year old daughter went to see a grief counselor last night. The second question he asked us was “do any of you have any regrets”….we were blessed to say “no”. There was no angry words shared or things left unsaid. We have peace in that. The first ? he asked us was “what is your last memory together with Kaleb?” Just saying you never know it might be Skeet shooting.
    Blessing for you this Thanksgiving.
    One more thing I know you’re a country music fan. I found out from a friend of Kaleb’s that every day Kaleb listened to Travis Tritt’s “it’s a Great Day to be Alive”.

    Nikki Fischer

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